David Kim to Spearhead JMIR Publications’ Engagement at UKSG Annual Conference 2024


David Kim, Director of Partnerships and Open Access Research at JMIR Publications, is set to represent the organization at the highly anticipated UKSG Annual Conference 2024, to be held in Glasgow, UK, from April 8th to April 10th, 2024.

The UKSG Annual Conference serves as a pivotal gathering for professionals from diverse sectors of the global knowledge community, attracting librarians, publishers, and intermediaries eager to explore trends, showcase initiatives, and connect with industry peers. David Kim’s attendance underscores JMIR Publications’ commitment to engaging with key stakeholders and advancing discussions on innovative publishing models and open access initiatives.

David Kim will be actively seeking opportunities to connect with librarians during the conference to discuss JMIR Publications’ groundbreaking Open Access Flat Fee Unlimited Publishing model. This pioneering approach aims to support libraries seeking fixed-cost models and streamlined processes for authors, eliminating financial barriers to publishing while ensuring equitable access to scholarly research.

For media inquiries or to schedule a meeting with David Kim during the UKSG Annual Conference 2024, please contact: david.kim@jmir.org.