New Video: Celebrating 25 Years: A Q&A With CEO Gunther Eysenbach

Join Gunther Eysenbach, the founder, CEO, and executive editor of JMIR Publications, as he reflects on the company's 25th anniversary and its pioneering journey in the scholarly publishing industry.


Eysenbach shares the origins of the Journal of Medical Internet Research and the driving forces that led him to establish an open access digital health journal. His passion for publishing, coupled with a background in medicine and information and computer science, fueled his vision to leverage the internet's transformative power in making medical information accessible to both professionals and consumers.

Eysenbach highlights the innovative spirit that characterized JMIR Publications from its inception, emphasizing its early adoption of internet-based technologies and its commitment to revolutionizing traditional publishing processes. By optimizing editorial workflows for online platforms and integrating social media metrics for assessing scholarly impact, the company positioned itself as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of scholarly communication.

The conversation delves into the evolution of medical research and technology over the past 25 years, with Eysenbach tracing the terminology shifts from cyber medicine to eHealth. He underscores the company's role in fostering rigorous research standards, including the promotion of randomized controlled trials for evaluating internet-based interventions. Eysenbach's insights underscore JMIR Publications' pivotal contributions to defining and advancing the field of eHealth, shaping it into an accepted area of research with far-reaching implications.

Eysenbach shares memorable success stories, particularly the transformative impact of JMIR Publications during the COVID-19 pandemic. As telemedicine gained unprecedented prominence, the company's long-standing focus on eHealth solutions proved instrumental in addressing evolving health care needs. Additionally, Eysenbach discusses the company's contributions to disciplines like infodemiology and participatory medicine, highlighting its commitment to empowering individuals through accessible health information.

Despite the company's successes, Eysenbach acknowledges the challenges encountered along the way. He discusses the conservative indexing practices of scholarly databases, which pose barriers to new journals seeking recognition. Moreover, he reflects on the evolving landscape of open access publishing, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and belief in the company's mission as critical factors for overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Looking toward the future, Eysenbach envisions a paradigm shift in scholarly publishing, characterized by the emergence of electronic communities and innovative peer-review models. He discusses JMIR Publications' initiatives, such as the JMIRx series, which pioneers new approaches to peer review and publication. Eysenbach's forward-thinking perspective underscores the company's commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of scholarly communication.

In conclusion, the interview paints a vivid portrait of JMIR Publications as a mission-driven organization that has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of digital health research and scholarly publishing. Eysenbach's insights highlight the company's unwavering dedication to advancing the field through innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to its core values. As JMIR Publications celebrates its 25th anniversary, it stands poised to continue its transformative journey, driving forward-thinking initiatives that will shape the future of scholarly publishing for years to come.

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