JMIR Publications at Bibliocon 2024 in Hamburg: A Recap

The recent Bibliocon 2024 conference was a valuable opportunity for JMIR Publications to connect with librarians and discuss the evolving landscape of open access (OA) publishing. Here's a recap of our key takeaways:

Positive Researcher Feedback:

We were thrilled to hear from numerous librarians about the positive experiences their researchers are having with JMIR Publications journals. This feedback underscores the value of our subject-leading OA journals and the importance of making research freely accessible.

Navigating Institutional Deal Models:

Librarians face diverse needs when it comes to OA publishing agreements. We engaged in insightful discussions about our various institutional deal models, tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements and budget considerations.

Challenges and Alternatives to Projekt Deal:

Many German research libraries are grappling with the limitations of Projekt Deal agreements, which can hinder the transition to full OA. We explored alternative strategies that empower librarians to take a more proactive role in advancing OA within their institutions.

Innovative OA Models:

A recurring theme was the exploration of innovative OA models that go beyond traditional Gold OA publishing deals. German research libraries are increasingly interested in approaches that offer greater flexibility, sustainability, and scalability.

Plan P: A Unique Diamond OA Model:

Our Plan P preprint validation and curation diamond model generated significant interest. Librarians were intrigued by its potential to scale OA publishing while maintaining low costs and ensuring quality through rigorous peer review.

Self-Publishing on OJS:

Many German librarians are considering self-publishing diamond OA journals on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform. With over twenty-five years of experience as a leading user of OJS, JMIR Publications shared valuable insights and advice to support these endeavors.

Collaboration with ZB Med:

We highlighted our ongoing collaboration with ZB Med on an innovative OA publishing agreement. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting partnership in the coming months.

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The German Librarians Conference provided a rich forum for exchanging ideas and exploring solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing OA publishing. JMIR Publications remains committed to working with libraries to advance OA and ensure that research is freely available to all.